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Italian, Polish, Romanian and Turkish students visit Bernardinuscollege in Heerlen

Photo: teachers and some students from international project groups from Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Turkey with Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska ©

International project groups from Italy, Poland, Romania and Turkey are visiting their Erasmus + partner Bernardinuscollege from Heerlen (Netherlands) from 5-9 December to work together on a project ’Media Today, Watchdog or Slumdog’’

On Tuesday 6 December the international exchange community followed an interactive lecture of our chief editor Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska entitled: ‘’ Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.[1] Objective news vs. fake news and disinformation.’’

In her lecture Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska took students and their teachers on a journey through misinformation, disinformation, fake news and confronted them with real life examples from various media outlets. Students were also provided with a short outline of history of fake news and were challenged with interactive cross-cultural assignments.

International students visiting Bernardinuscollege stay mostly at the host families and besides working on the project they also discover local sights of interest such as Thermenmuseum in Heerlen or Dom and Christmas market in nearby German city of Aachen.

’Media Today, Watchdog or Slumdog’ is a two year subsidized by the European Union Erasmus + project. During the project five so-called mobilities (exchanges) take place during which 6 students per country meet and work together on various assignments related to media. Students are accompanied by their two teachers. Bernardinuscollege is already the fourth country the associated schools are visiting after Turkey, Romania and Poland. Next year the international project group will meet in Italy.

Bernardinuscollege stresses the importance of understanding the relation of  norms and values with the social context and the times in which we live and therefore they provide their students with the intellectual baggage to become a critical (world) citizen with a great social involvement.

In recent years Bernardinuscollege took part in various initiatives to stimulate this goal. Bernardinuscollege has been taking part in various Erasmus projects, has received an  EPAS status becoming a European Parliament Ambassador School. The school participates in the Model European Parliament (MEP) activities, neighborhood language programs within the curriculum of the modern foreign languages such as English, French and German and last but not least is an active partner of the programme ‘’Continuing learning pathways Primary education-Secondary education’’. It includes ‘Bonjour project’, French lessons organized in collaboration with primary schools and the Bernardinuscollege.

Bernardinuscollege ©

Bernardinuscollege is the oldest secondary school in Heerlen founded in 1911 by Franciscans. In 1913 it was attended by the first students. It consists also of a Bernardinus Chapel which is a national monument. Many famous people attended this school including Jan Mans Dutch politician, mayor of many Dutch cities and Frans Timmermans Minister of Foreign Affairs, First Vice-President of the European Commission.

Read and watch, too:

[1] ‘’Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts’’ quote by Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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