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Visit of Polish students from Opole in Heerlen and the Bernardinus College

Students from the Polish secondary school in Opole with the director Ms Małgorzata Podraza visited this week their peers from the Bernardinus College in Heerlen. Both students learnt about the themes concerning the cities situated in the border region and European political skills.

The international cooperation between both schools has existed for more than 20 years within among others the Erasmus programme and the EPAS programme: European Parliament Ambassador School.

The curriculum of the European Parliament Ambassador School program has been specially developed for secondary education. The aim of the program is to stimulate students’ political skills. After all, they are the future voters. The participants take note of how European democracy works and develop their skills in European citizenship.

On May 28 both Dutch and Polish students were received in the Municipality of Heerlen where they were welcomed by the alderman of Heerlen Mr Jordy Clemens and they participated in the discussion led by Mr Jordy Clemens, Mr Aloys Bruggeman, a VVD party politician and the coordinator of the internationalization of the Bernardinus College Mr Jan de Heer.

See the reportage aired by the Polish Public TV broadcasting internationally: TVP Polonia.


See also a short report here:

We would like to thank Mr Piotr Plonka from Pepe TV for the cooperation in the reportage. https://www.facebook.com/tvpepe/

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