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Feel pristine nature with all your senses at Hotel Park in Bled

How to spend a relaxing and safe holidays in turbulent COVID 19 times

It was definitely not an easy decision for us, a family with three children, during the turbulent period of COVID 19 to make whether we should go on a summer holiday and where.

First of all you have to choose a country where the spread of the virus is slowing down and an end of the epidemic is declared. Further you have to look for an accommodation where professional steps are taken to make sure you and your family is safe.

And last but not least you of course want to visit a beautiful place where there is lots to do for you and the kids and where you can relax.

Our choice fell on Slovenia, its beautiful town in Slovenian Alps Bled and the amazingly refurbished Hotel Park of Sava Hotels & Resorts  located at the shore of the beautiful, pristine, Lake Bled.

Bled castle ©communications-unlimited.nl
Hotel Park, Bled, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

It was a perfect choice, and we definitely recomend it to everybody who wishes to have a great holiday knowing that it is safe at the same time.

Why Slovenia?

On May 15 the Slovenian government as first European nation in the world announced an end to the epidemic and the spread of the the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Slovenia is currently slowing down. Despite this announcement the Slovenian government keeps various measures to make sure that tourists in Slovenia are safe, such as widespread testing, contact tracing, big group gatherings. (See detailed information here)

As far as general safety is concerned Slovenia in an International SOS report ranked an excellent 11th in the world travel risk map for 2020.

Slovenia has become the world’s first country to be declared a green destination by a Dutch organization Green Destination. They established 96%-compliance across 100 criteria. Slovenia has it all: see, mountains, plain, delicious food, wine, infrastructure. This is the country where, as the tourism office of Slovenia says:

‘’the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain meets the Karst,’’ So, when you finally decide to come to visit this country there is another advantage worth remembering: In Slovenia it is not difficult to compare the value of goods and services, as they are priced in one of the most important world currencies – in euros.’’

Bled, ©communications-unlimited.nl

Bled, ©communications-unlimited.nl

Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) has combined its commitment to creating conditions for a safe holiday in Slovenia into responsible travel standards in tourism under the Green & Safe label. The latter includes high hygiene requirements and recommendations for health protection.

And last but not least, Slovenia offers one of the best food in the world and it is no surprise that Slovenia has just received its first Michelin guide. 52 restaurants, including one two-starred and five one-starred restaurants, have been included in the new 2020 selection, reflecting the attractiveness of the Slovenian culinary scene, and an incredibly rich blend of tastes between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain.

Why Bled?

Bled is a unique place in Slovenia due to its perfect location, very easily accessible for example for tourists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria.

It is a combination of pure nature, picturesque little places, lots of adventures, honey, history and delicious food.

Bled is not only beautiful, Bled is also green. Bled holds the gold label of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. As part of the 2019 Green Destinations international non-governmental project, Bled was selected as the second best place in sustainable development in Europe, and since 2011 it is member of the Alpine Pearls group, the objective of which is to promote sustainable mobility.

There is so much to do in Bled. You have to go to Bled Island on the ‘’pletna’’ boat, ride with horse-drawn carriage or a tourist train around Lake Bled, visit Bled Castle, which is the oldest castle in Slovenia mentioned for the first time in 1011.

Bled, ©communications-unlimited.nl
Bled Castle, Bled ©communications-unlimited.nl

Bled is located at the edge of the Triglav National Park. It is one of the oldest parks in Europe. The Triglav National Park  comprises 880 square kilometres, which amounts to 4% of the surface of Slovenia. You can admire here pure, untamed nature.

The Triglav National Park, ©communications-unlimited.nl

Gingerbread Museum, Lectar House of Tradition is definitely worth visiting, too. The ginger bread has been present there since 1766 and you can visit the factory, taste the delicious ginger bread, see various ginger bread sorts from all over the world and even take part in ginger making workshop.

Gingerbread Museum, Lectar House of Tradition, ©communications-unlimited.nl

Iron Forging Museum in Kropa is an old smelting and iron forging place. It is situated below the slopes of Jelovica south-west of Radovljica. The collection shows pieces starting from the 15th century, throughout the ages. And the team working there is incredible friendly and helpful. (Read more here and get an impression from the Dutch TV here)

Iron Forging Museum in Kropa ©communications-unlimited.nl

Why Sava Hotels & Resorts Hotel Park in Bled?

Health and safety first

At Sava Hotels & Resorts recommendations on hygiene, safety and protecting the health of guests and employees are strictly followed. They have introduced Hygiene Standard Plus programme for greater safety and a carefree holiday, a set of new and improved hygiene standards that take into account and further expand the recommendations issued by relevant institutions. Below you can find just a few examples of taken measures and while clicking below:

you can find the whole list of steps taken by hotel in all its spaces, including swimming-pool, wellness, sauna but also other accommodations such as glamping and a camping site.

  • Sanitising hotel rooms

In the hotel rooms, they have identified 8 surfaces that guests most commonly come in contact with. They clean, sanitise and disinfect these surfaces particularly carefully and frequently. After the room has been sanitised, the door is sealed with a special sticker signalling thorough cleaning.


The room keys or access cards are sanitised for each guest and safely handed over to the guest. The TV remote is packed in a protective bag, which is replaced for each new guest.


They have also removed all decorative elements from the upholstered furniture and beds. The room is aired during cleaning. All bed linen, towels and bathrobes are washed at high temperatures and sanitised. The room attendants wear protective face masks and gloves.

  • Restaurants and bars

The tables in the restaurants and bars are spaced at least 1.5 m apart. Contactless, sensor-operated hand sanitizers are provided at the door. All bar and restaurant staff members that come in contact with guests wear protective face masks. All common surfaces, tables, chairs and beverage dispensers are regularly sanitised. All guests are requested to keep a distance of 1,5 m from one another and wearing a mask while leaving there table.

  • Reception and lobby

Thermal imaging cameras for measuring body temperature have been installed at our reception desks. The reception desks are regularly sanitised. All areas are aired several times a day. Upon arrival, guests are provided with a personal protection package containing a face mask and sanitising wipes. The room keys/access cards are sanitised for each guest and safely handed over to the guest.

Thermal camera ©communications-unlimited.nl
Lobby, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

Location, location, location

Hotel Park, the biggest in Bled, cannot be better located. It is located on the shore of the Lake Bled, in the midst of breathtaking nature and at the same time in the center of the town and at a beautiful park. It offers breath-taking views over the lake and the park from its rooms, restaurants and bars and an amazing panoramic views from its swimming-pool. For more than 40 years, a park with majestic trees – sycamores, oaks, yews, spruce, and maple trees – stands behind Hotel Park.

View from the room, ©communications-unlimited.nl

Holidays in style

Inspiration for the refurbished image of Hotel Park was found in the pristine nature. You experience here the story of water, park and forest.

The story of water, which symbolises the source of life, as well as Lake Bled and the Bled thermal water spring, are included in the architectural design of the hotel.

Half of the rooms in Hotel Park are dedicated to water. The water-themed rooms are in calming shades of blue, with wavy elements and wall paintings featuring water. They have been designed to help guests relax and find their inner peace.

The hotel rooms overlooking the park are in soothing shades of green, and the wall paintings feature images of the forest and trees. Looking out the window, you again rest your eyes on the green nature. The rooms have been furnished with spruce wood that can be found on the nearby Pokljuka plateau, and local legends say that spruce trees can remove disease from the sick.

Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts
Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

Tap your natural water and your Slovenian wine

In the lobby you can tap natural Alpine drinking water and the quality of their water is excellent.

Tapping natural water, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

In the restaurant you can tap several delicious carefully selected wines from Slovenian wine-growing regions.

Tapping delicious Slovenian wines, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

Michelin-style culinary offer

Hotel Park means also unique and high end culinary experiences with the specialties by chef Simon Bertoncelj, who manages all the chefs in Hotel Park and other Sava Hoteli Bled hotels. For his work in the Julijana restaurant in Grand Hotel Toplice, chef Bertoncelj received the prestigious Michelin Plate for fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: and good meal.

Restaurant with an amazing view, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

Original Bled cream cake and other delicious desserts, ©communications-unlimited.nl
Culinary delicacies, ©communications-unlimited.nl

Spa Park – the perfect getaway in the midst of nature

You can continue experiencing the natural features of Bled in the Spa Park Wellness Centre on the top floor of Hotel Park, which offers the best views of the unique characteristics of this Alpine pearl. The Spa Park offers diverse massages, rituals for couples, and relaxation, generation, and detox programmes. The treatments again include the story of water and the forest, and they use exclusively Slovenian products to provide their guests with a fully local experience.

Spa Park, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts
Spa Park sauna, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

Hotel pool with panoramic views

The pool is filled with natural water that will soothe you, relax your muscles, and keep you pleasantly warm with its 30°C. From the pool you can enjoy a breath-taking panoramic views of Lake Bled that will take your breath away while resting on the comfortable wooden benches. An additional embrace of the green nature awaits you on the outer terrace, where you can enjoy the fresh Alpine air and feel Bled with all your senses.

Indoor swimming pool, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts
Indoor swimming pool with an amazing view, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

Outdoor swimming pool and the amazing view, Courtesy of Sava Hotels & Resorts

More information about Hotel Park here:





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