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The Dutch discount chain Action conquers Polish market

The Dutch discount chain Action has just launched its second distribution center in Poland in Bieruń with 56 thousand square meters and it will operate for a similar number of stores as the first distribution center in Osła. Action has already 176 stores in Poland, 74 of them were launched last year and is ready for more.

 ‘’This is a good time for discounters, because customers take into account the price level more and more when making purchasing decisions’’ says Sławomir Nitek, CEO of Action Polska for Business Insider Polska.

Action stores started operating in Poland more than four years ago, the full launch took place in 2018.  Sławomir Nitek : ‘’Such a concept, offering 14 product categories under one roof, has never been seen before in Poland.’’

Action stores are located all around Poland, both in bigger and smaller cities and its broad scale of products appeal to clients of all ages.

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