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First Cultural Education Week Heerlen

On Tuesday 9 November, the first cultural education week for students in groups 7 and 8 of all Heerlen primary schools will start! The cultural education week is an initiative of the municipality of Heerlen to introduce children to the cultural offer in Heerlen and the rich history of the city. The Thermenmuseum, the Nederlands Mijnmuseum, Parkstad Limburg Theaters and SCHUNCK are collaborating on this project.

The participating cultural partners in Heerlen have joined forces to put together an inspiring cultural program for the students. The students dig into their own past during a visit to the Dutch Mining Museum and delve into the rich history of the Roman bathhouse in the Thermenmuseum. SCHUNCK takes the students into the municipal art collection and challenges them to decipher the secret of the Glass Palace, after which this crazy day ends with thunderous applause in Parkstad Limburgs Theaters at the performance: ‘The amazing 52-storey tree house.’ This way students will discover the whole story of Heerlen; from the Roman city of Coriovallum to today’s Heerlen.

“Music, dance, art, history. There is so much for children to discover in Heerlen. We want every child to be able to get acquainted with all the beauty that our city has to offer. That is why there is now the Cultural Education Week: a week in which children go on a cultural journey for free and together with peers. And as far as I’m concerned, a new Heerlen tradition has been born,” says Jordy Clemens, alderman of Heerlen.

Image: StartupStockPhotos via Pixabay 

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