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Experience Downton Abbey in Dutch Limburg

By Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska

On the 12th of June 56 International Women from the International Women Club-South Limburg in the Netherlands( IWC-SL) attended a spectacular Downton Abbey Summer Party at a Château St Gerlach in Valkenburg aan de Geul.

Ladies were welcomed by the Château St Gerlach staff with a glas of apéritif in the beautiful garden surrounding the location and afterwards enjoyed a divine 3 course dinner in a spectacular Selys de Fanson room. Every participant was also offered a personal gift- a beautiful bracelet.

During the party also the best dressed 6 participants were chosen.

Nurlaila Olson the activities coordinator and a board member who made it all happen says: “A sit-down dinner Summer Party with Downton Abbey overtures was the first  International Women’s Club South Limburg’s  big event after a long lockdown. All 56 ladies from many different countries were dressed beautifully and elegantly and perfectly matched the theme. We celebrated life! To stand together and be healthy is a blessing, especially since we are women connecting the world!

Nurlaila Olson the activities coordinator and a board member on the left, on the right Nikki Beulens former activities coordinator and a board member

Chateau St. Gerlach was amazing! The staff were extremely professional and friendly, service was excellent, attentive and the food and drinks were delicious! I guess the reputation of St. Gerlach matches the reality. Top-notch!’’

The International Women’s Club of South Limburg in the Netherlands was founded in February 1985 as a non-profit organisation.

The primary purpose of the Club is to bring together women of all nationalities living in the area of South Limburg, promoting friendship, sharing mutual interests and extending support and information to newcomers.

Photo credits: Christine Philips

Author: Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska is an award-winning international journalist, TV correspondent, author, chief editor of international journalism centre, Central and Eastern Europe Centre, board member and a sworn translator. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and has also Armenian blood and roots in Lvov, which is now part of Ukraine. She has been living in Heerlen since 2005.

More information about the club you can find here:

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