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No to lies and mistakes in (school)books

On the 13th of October Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska and her two daughters: Alexia and Victoria were guests at the Polish Public TV: TV Polonia, in Halo Polonia programme. ( You can watch the programme here from 10.45: https://halopolonia.tvp.pl/27049662/13102016-2215)

They talked about bilingualism and the importance of Polish schools for Polish children abroad. They have also talked about lies and mistakes which appeared in a popular Dutch schoolbook which has been on the market for 8 years. Alexia Bruggeman discovered the mistakes at school and she reported them to her parents.

As a result of this we have started an action: No to lies and mistakes about Poland and other CEE countries in (school) books and media and we have written an open letter to the publisher of the book to express our disappointment about the lack of professionalism and credibility. The letter has become ”viral” and many Embassies decided to contact the publisher about the book, too.

Children have the right to learn the facts and not lies!


You can read the open letter here:

I am shocked. I am shocked because you teach kids in the Netherlands lies



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