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I am shocked. I am shocked because you teach kids in the Netherlands lies

To Wolters-Noordhoff

Yesterday my daughter Alexia came back from school shocked with the tears in her eyes. She showed me parts from your book Wereld Wijzer for group 7 which is still used by many schools in the Netherlands. These parts have nothing to do with facts, truth and profesionalism.

  • I am shocked. I am shocked because you teach kids in the Netherlands lies.
  • I am shocked because you managed to dissapoint my daughter and sadden her  by the information you published in your book.
  • I am shocked because you have been teaching these lies for years and millions of kids in the Netherlands do not know thanks to you the basic things about history and geography.
  • I am shocked because for years you offended victims of Communism, millions of people who were murdered by the Communist regime.
  • Finally I am shocked because my daughter and other kids will get tests at school and will have to fill in the lies as the right answers. In this way they will perpetuate the lies you initiated.


So, to put things stright, Wolters-Noordhoff


  1. Poland and other countries which after the World War II were separated from the rest of the World by the Iron Curtain due to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and Yalta Conference, were not liberated by the Red Army in 1945, as you suggest. On the 17th of September 1939, 77 years ago, the Red Army invaded Poland. It was 16 days after the Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the west. Poland was occupied by the Red Army till 1989! Shame on you!
  2. Poland and other countries which were separated from the rest of the world by the Iron Curtain, did not cooperate with the USRR, as you suggest. Millions of people were murdered by the communists. Shame on you!
  3. You say that western countries were liberated by American, Canadian and English forces. What about Polish forces.? What about Polish people who died in order to liberate the Netherlands so that the Netherlands could enjoy its freedom since 1945? Have you ever heard of General Stanisław Maczek and General Stanisław Sosabowski? Shame on you.
  4. And once and for all: Poland is not situated in Eastern Europe. Just check the map of Europe or the official site of the European Union here: https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/countries/member-countries/poland_en

You see, we are situated in Central Europe!

Shame on you!

Dear readers, if you  want to say NO to all these lies and other mistakes that appear in (school) books about Central and Eastern Europe and you agree with me that kids have the right to learn facts and not lies share this letter and let me know. Thank you.

Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska, a worried mother of three kids, journalist, writer, lecturer and founder of Central and Eastern Europe Center.


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