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Nałęczów- a historic Polish spa town

Nałęczów is a historic spa town in Poland located just 24 km from Kazimerz Dolny. It is situated on the Nałęczów Plateau in Puławy County, Lublin Voivodeship, eastern Poland. Nałęczów belongs to Lesser Poland.

It is famous for its healing waters which are bottled and sold as Nałęczowianka. Waters are especially used as treatments against circulatory disorders. The healing waters were discovered here in the 18th century and it led to the development of a health resort.

Impressive park and resort complex. Photos: ©communications-unlimited.nl

Nałęczów was a favourite holiday place of a famous Polish writer Bolesław Prus and it was also often visited by another famous Polish writer Stefan Żeromski.

Impressive park and resort complex. Photos: ©communications-unlimited.nl

When in Nałęczów  you can visit 18th-century baroque-classicist Małachowski Palace. Count Stanislaw Malachowski became the owner of the whole region in 1751. Later on he sold the town to his cousin Antoni Malachowski who discovered the springs.

Count Stanislaw Malachowski was Nałęcz coat-of-arms and this is where the name of the town stems from. He was the first Prime Minister of Poland ( 1736-1809). He also occupied such important posts as a member of the Polish government’s Permanent Council (Rada Nieustająca) (1776–1780), Marshal of the Crown Courts of Justice from 1774, Crown Grand Referendary (1780–1792) and Marshal of the Four-Year Sejm (1788–1792). In 1788 he became a speaker of the Sejm and he was a crucial person behind the Constitution of the 3rd May, adopted in 1791, and becoming the first in Europe and the 2nd in the world. In 1807–09 Małachowski was president of the senate (government) of the Duchy of Warsaw, supported by Napoleon Bonaparte.

When in Naleczow you must definitely visit an impressive park and resort complex dating from the 18th-19th centuries. You can enter there thermal water spas and try the healing waters.

Thermal waters. Photos: ©communications-unlimited.nl

Photos: ©communications-unlimited.nl

Author: Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska is an award-winning international journalist, TV correspondent, author, chief editor of international journalism centre, Central and Eastern Europe Centre, board member and a sworn translator. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and has also Armenian blood and roots in Lvov, which is part of Ukraine. She has been living in Heerlen, the Netherlands since 2005.

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