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Lithuania: Celebrating freedom

25 years ago unarmed Lithuanian citizens stood up to the Soviet military to defend the freedom and independence.
We remember and honour those who fought and died for Lithuaniaʼs Freedom.

11 March 1990: The restoration of the independent State of Lithuania.

April-July 1990: The Soviet Union imposed an economic blockade.

1-9 January 1991: Provocations, pressure, deployment of additional Soviet forces.

10 January 1991: Mikhail Gorbachev issued an ultimatum demanding to revoke the Act on the Restoration of the Independent State of Lithuania.

11-12 January 1991: The Soviet army seized state institutions. Outside the Parliament building tens of thousands civilians gathered to protect it.

13 January 1991: Soviet Agression: Soviet troops opened fire on unarmed civilians killing 14 and wounding around 1000 victims.

9 February 1991: A plebiscite of Lithuanian residents showed 90% support to Lithuaniaʼs independence.


Celebrating Freedom Lithuania


Source and images: Užsienio reikalų ministerija


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