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Entrepreneurial Places in Europe Where Hub Things Are Happening : Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary

 Entrepreneurial Places in Europe Where Hub Things Are Happening : Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary

Forbes has just published a list of 5 places in Europe which really matter as far as entrepreneurship is concerned.

 On the list there are two Baltic states:

  • Lithuania where new businesses are anticipating €27 million investment in 2015
  • Estonia, Tallin: Forbes says: ”being one of Europe’s most intelligent cities, according to the Intelligent Community Forum.”

Hungary, Budapest: Forbes says:  its capital city is now acknowledged as a prime draw for start-ups, investors and incubators in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.”

On the list there is also Eindhoven, the Netherlands, known as one of the most inventive cities in Europe and Lisbon, Portugal.


The whole article is available here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alisoncoleman/2015/06/21/five-entrepreneurial-places-in-europe-where-hub-things-are-happening/

Source: Forbes

Find here :Interview with  H.E. Darius Jonas Semaška, Ambassador of Lithuania in the Netherlands entitled: ”The most important challenge is ensuring peace, stability and security in Europe”




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