Did you know all these facts about our books?

  1. Did you know that all our seven books are available in all Dutch, Belgium bookstores, including bol and Amazon, and you can find them in Germany and Poland, as well?

2. Did you know that all our seven books are officially listed in the Royal Library in the Netherlands.

3. Did you know that our books are also used by Dutch universities since they are officially classified as scientific books? And they were presented during classes with the Euroepan Studies students?

4. Did you know that our books were also used during language courses organized by our company for the Miss Poland Benelux finalists?

5. Did you know that our books are recommended by expats in the Netherlands?

6. Did you know that our books in the official overview of Dutch-Polish books prepared by Dutch Embassy in Warsaw are listed next to our favourite Nintje?ługi/kultura/literatura_niderlandzka_w_polskim_przekładzie/overzicht-publicaties

7. Did you know that the whole team of professionals worked together with us, including medical doctors, entrepreneurs, accountants, managers, engineers, teachers, sworn translators and our medical books were created in cooperation with Dutch government health organisation?

8. Did you know that our books appeared also in a formal Polish TV awards presentation?  

9. Did you know that we were asked by the Polish Public TV to a Live show to sign officially our books?        

10. Did you know that our books were presented in live shows on Polish TV?

11. Did you know that our books were handed over to famous Dutch personalities such as Mr Jan Mans:

And Mr Karel van Rosmalen:

12. Did you know that our books support charitable events:

13. Did you know that the idea for writing one of our books was in fact created at the hospital during the labour?

14. Did you hear that besides TV also newspapers, companies and universities wrote about our books and our publishing house?

15. Have you watched this video?

16. Have you heard why the Dutch and the English need this book?

17. Have you read what people think about our books?

‘’Mijn vriendin had dit boek nodig ter ondersteuning van haar studies als verpleegkundige. Ze gebruikt het boek dagelijks om begrippen te vertalen of beter te begrijpen. Zeer tevreden.’’ ( Medisch Russisch, Medisch Nederlands. Thematische woordenschat voor iedereen)

My girlfriend needed this book to support her studies as a nurse. She uses the book daily to translate or understand concepts. Very satisfied.


‘’Als vastgoed professional heb steeds meer te maken met niet Nederlandse klanten en -dienstverleners. Omdat ik vaak niet wist wat de Engelse vertaling van begrippen waren heb ik dit boek gekocht. En nu gebruik ik het regelmatig. Ben zeer tevreden, ook de moeilijkere begrippen staan helder uitgelegd.’’ ( Bouwkunde en Facility management. Thematische woordenschat)

As a real estate professional, more and more people are dealing with non Dutch customers and service providers. Because I often did not know what the English translation of terms was, I bought this book. And now I use it regularly. I’m very pleased, also difficult concepts are explained clearly.


‘’Dit boek is voor mij nuttig. Ik doe veel zaken met mensen in Nederland. Nederlanders zijn gewend aan contracten en met een goed contract geef ik vertrouwen dat ik goed werk lever.’’ ( Zakelijk Pools voor Nederlanders. Thematische woordenschat)

This book is useful to me. I do a lot of business with people in the Netherlands. Dutch people are used to contracts and with a good contract I trust that I will provide good work

18.Have you watched our trailer yet?


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All our seven books

  • Zakelijk Pools voor Nederlanders ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532018 : Business Polish for the Dutch )
  • Medisch Pools, Medisch Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN: 9789079532025 : Polish and Dutch Medical Terminology )
  • Zakelijk Russisch, Zakelijk Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532032 : Russian and Dutch Business Vocabulary)
  • Zakelijk Roemeens, Zakelijk Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532049 : Romanian and Dutch Business Terminology )
  • Zakelijk Pools, Zakelijk Netherlands, thematische woordenschat voor iedereen ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532001 : Polish and Dutch Business Terminology) is an expanded book consisting of more than 200 pages of practical vocabulary for business situations in Dutch and Polish.
  • Medisch Russisch, Medisch Nederlands ( ISBN/EAN: 9789079532056, Russian-Dutch Medical Terminology )
  • Facility Management en Bouwkunde. Engelse en Nederlandse terminologie: ISBN/EAN: 978-90-79532-06-3 ( Facility Management and Construction. English and Dutch terminology ) consists of almost 200 pages of important, field-oriented terms for specialists, teachers, students and anybody who is related to Facility Management and Construction sector.