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Unique Central and Eastern Europe Center in the Netherlands: Communications-Unlimited.nl on TV


My Central and Eastern Europe center: www.communications-unlimited.nl has been promoting the knowledge about the region of Central and Eastern Europe not only in the Netherlands but also internationally for many years. We also succesfully promote the knowledge about the Netherlands in the CEE region.

We publish articles, interviews with ambassadors, politicians, artists and we have already published seven books. We appear in the media as experts on the CEE region and are media partner of various events. We advise on CEE related subjects, organize lectures on CEE and cooperate with various organizations, including governemental and educational in the field of our interest. We also occupy various public functions related with CEE region.

We are advised by the board of highly respected advisors from such fields as: politics, education, business and we cooperate with international journalists, lecturers, (sworn) translators and other related experts.

I was invited while visiting my fantastic hometown: Warsaw by the Polish Public TV, channel TV Polonia to the live programme Halo Polonia to talk about my work in the Netherlands, my Central and Eastern Europe Center and the image of Poland in the Netherlands.

I signed also my two books which were won by the audience of the programme.

* Zakelijk Pools, Zakelijk Nederlands. Thematische Woordenschat ( ISBN:
9789079532001: Dutch-Polish Business Terminology )
* Medisch Pools, Medisch Nederlands ( ISBN/EAN: 9789079532025:
Dutch-Polish Medical Terminology )

I have also regularly performed live on Polish TV since this show as an expert on various aspects connected with the Netherlands and the CEE region.

If you have missed this show ( it is in Polish) you can have a look below:

and visit our center for more information about the CEE region here: www.communications-unlimited.nl


Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska

Founder of Communications-Unlimited.nl

Polish Public TV about our work



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