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All our seven books

• Zakelijk Pools voor Nederlanders ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532018 : Business Polish for the Dutch )
• Medisch Pools, Medisch Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN: 9789079532025 : Polish and Dutch Medical Terminology )
• Zakelijk Russisch, Zakelijk Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532032 : Russian and Dutch Business Vocabulary)
• Zakelijk Roemeens, Zakelijk Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532049 : Romanian and Dutch Business Terminology )
• Zakelijk Pools, Zakelijk Netherlands, thematische woordenschat voor iedereen ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532001 : Polish and Dutch Business Terminology) is an expanded book consisting of more than 200 pages of practical vocabulary for business situations in Dutch and Polish.
• Medisch Russisch, Medisch Nederlands ( ISBN/EAN: 9789079532056, Russian-Dutch Medical Terminology )
•Facility Management en Bouwkunde. Engelse en Nederlandse terminologie: ISBN/EAN: 978-90-79532-06-3 ( Facility Management and Construction. English and Dutch terminology ) consists of almost 200 pages of important, field-oriented terms for specialists, teachers, students and anybody who is related to Facility Management and Construction sector

are available in all Dutch and Belgium bookstores, including bol:

where you get 5% discount on the study books and the delivery is for free.

In Poland the books are available in Poltax and, more information here:

Facility Management en Bouwkunde

978-90-79532-00-1 cover  Zakelijk Pools Zakelijk Nederlands omslag Zakelijk Russisch Omslag Medisch Russisch Medisch Nederlands Zakelijk Roemeens zakelijk nederlands Zakelijk Pools cover medisch Pools medisch Nederlands

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