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Welcome to the paradise on Earth with a glass of wine

White wine is the most common sort of wine produced in the southern eastern part of Slovenia, next to the border with Hungary, in the region of the town of Lendava.

In recent years some winegrowers have also begun producing red wine sorts.Local winegrowers commonly offer Italian Riesling and Chardonnay to their visitors.

We have visited a real paradise on earth: Hisa Vina: Wine house of family Cuk producing their own amazing wines on 2,5 Ha comprising 27.000 grape vines. Eva of Hungarian origin, one of the founders of the wine house, 13 years ago together with her brother and her husband were studying economy and as one of the projects had to write a business plan. So, they did it. And it turned out to be a reality. Hisa Vina of the Cuk family is a real paradise on earth. Surrounded by pure breathtaking nature is a must visit for wine lovers but also nature lovers.

Eva and her family follow their passion and everything they do is so real, pure and not commercial. They are not just offering wines, fantastic home-made meats, juices and strudels but they are sharing their passion and stories.

You feel there so at home, welcome and immediately happy when you enter the threshold of their house.

We tried there various wines; sparking, white, rose, red, enjoyed their visit to the wine cellar and tried amazing food, all home made. We strolled through their house and apartments you can rent and had a feeling that we found our paradise on earth.

Thank you Eva!

More about the wines and Cuk family here: http://www.hisa-vina-cuk.si/index.php?id=63

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