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Lecture about the biggest European promise: Poland

Lecture about the biggest European promise: Poland 

On the 29th of May Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska delivered a  lecture about the biggest European promise- as the Dutch magazine Trouw called Poland at the department of European Studies and International Business of the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. She talked about the relations between Poland and the Netherlands and discussed such aspects as: Polish economics, tourism, political system, international relations and Polish language. She also discussed the Visegrad Group.

The students were welcomed virtually by the Head of the Regional Office of Świętokrzyskie Region in Brussels, Mr Krzysztof Wojcik who prepared a special letter for the students and invited them to this beautiful  part of Poland. In the letter he said :’I`m honoured to represent Swietokrzyskie Region in Western Europe. I’m the Head of the Regional Office in Brussels and it is a privilege to have an opportunity to be a small part of your today`s lecture about an amazing part of Europe – Poland, provided by Ms Bruggeman-Sekowska.[…]. Poland, and especially my region SWIETOKRZYSKIE, is one of those huge business opportunities for you, for your ideas, for your companies.[…]. It`s time to verify the sense of being surprised… Poland

Students also learnt about a unique tourist attraction which is also located in the Świętokrzyskie Region : European Fairytale Centrum in Pacanow.

Partners of this presentation:

-The Head of the Regional Office of Świętokrzyskie Region in Brussels

-European Fairytale Centrum in Pacanow: http://stolica-bajek.pl/english.php

-Zuyd University of Applied Sciences: www.zuyd.nl

Special thanks to Ms Natasha Gousseva,  lecturer and coordinator at the European Studies department.

Source and photos: Communications-Unlimited.nl

You can find below more articles about Dutch-Polish relations written by Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska:

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Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics: https://www.communications-unlimited.nl/maastricht-university-school-of-business-and-economics-investing-in-poland-20-interesting-facts-and-figures-about-poland/

Trouw: https://www.communications-unlimited.nl/the-first-official-state-visit-of-the-king-and-queen-of-netherlands-was-to-poland/

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