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Last working day of the children council of Heerlen 2018-2019

Today the children’s council of Heerlen 2018-2019: Bart, Britt, Daphne, Jenna, Pien and Victoria had their last working day. It was an intensive year in which children learnt a lot about their city and contributed with their ideas to solving relevant issues for them and the city.

Jordy Clemens, alderman of youth, culture and heritage met children to thank them for their hard work and said: ‘’Nobody knows what is better for Heerlen and children  than children themselves. These children did a great job’’

Daisy Peters from Alcander who guided children throughout the whole year and supported them said: ‘’It was a beautiful time. Children Council was about future, connecting, dreaming, ideas and ideals. Wow, what toppers!’’.

Victoria from the children council is thankful for this past year because she had learned a lot in the past year and that was wonderful. She added: ‘’ it is great to feel that children can really make a change. And my message for the new children council is: put your good energy for our great Heerlen’’.

Children received a great present from the Municipality: photo from the opening of the City Council Meeting in which they presented their ideas.

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