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The Notorious IBE in Heerlen: 20th edition

The Notorious IBE event: (breakdance event) celebrates this year its 20th edition and it has been already organized for the 10th time in Heerlen.

The event is attended by various breakdance dancers, this year coming from more than 50 countries. The event was oficially opened by the alderman Mr Jordy Clemens. Today the children aldermen and childen mayor of Heerlen were honoured to award the 1st prize to the winner of B girl battle Bgirl Ayane.

The reportage from this event will be released soon by Polish public TV broadcasting internationally including the interview with the Polish participant from Warsaw Bgirl Merry Berry.

Do not miss it!

More information about the Notorious IBE in Heerlen is available here: https://thenotoriousibe.com/festivalinfo



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