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70% more Polish voters registered abroad than in 2019

On 15 October parliamentary elections will take place in Poland.
As many as 70 percent more Polish voters have been registered to vote abroad than in last elections in 2019.
In the 2019 parliamentary elections, almost 350,000 people declared their willingness to vote abroad. in 2023 the number of people registered actually exceeded 600,000.
London is the city where the most Poles living abroad declared their willingness to vote – 42.6 thousand. Here eight more committees have been created this year than four years ago (there will be 19 of them. ) Two German cities follow: Berlin and Munich – 14.4 thousand registered there, respectively and 12.4 thousand Poles.

The top ten cities in the world where the most Poles registered to vote include also: Dublin (12,000), The Hague (11,400) Brussels (11,200), Oslo (11,000) , Amsterdam (10.4 thousand), Vienna (10.2 thousand) and Breda (9.8 thousand). In the Dutch city of Breda, which closes the top ten, there is the highest percentage increase in the number of Poles registered to vote. In 2019, 3.1 thousand people voted in the only open commission there. Now there are 9.8 thousand of them in three committees.
More than twice as many Poles want to vote in two other Dutch cities: Amsterdam (an increase of 117%) and The Hague (an increase of 116%). In the Hague there will be four committees instead of one.

According to the latest amendment to the Electoral Code, the results of voting in these commissions must be determined within 24 hours after finishing the elections or they will be annulled.

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