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Slovenian Volcano and Vulkanija

In Slovenia you have everything: amazing see, mountains, nature, history, wine regions, water parks, delicious food and wine, very friendly hospitable people and…a volcano region. Did you know that in the north-eastern region of Slovenia, in the territory of Goričko there used to be a volcano?

Three million years ago there was the last active volcano, a maar type of a volcano, in Slovenia in the village of Grad. Crater of this volcano had a diameter of 1 km. Now you can learn about this volcano and generally about power of volcanos, history of earth, and the region, its geological features in a very interactive way, through 3D films, images, presentations, games and trip ‘’underground’’ to the volcano in a very interesting adventurepark called Vulkanija. This park is situated exactly in the crater of the former volcano!

The host of this unique park is called Oli the Mole and he provides the guests with all the information in an easy and captivating way.

You experience with him the origin of the universe, the development of life, eruption of the Goričko volcano and geological history of Goričko in the most advanced stereoscopic 3D cinema in Slovenia.

During the tour with Oli you take the elevator to the centre of Goričko volcano and return back to the surface with Oli´s underground train.

You can also visit the geological museum situated on the same compound. It is located in the Lednar Tannery. It’s called the tannery because once there used to produce leather here. In the museum you can visit Olivin Room, Geological Room, Oli’s Kitchen, Exhibition and go on a trip through the Goričko region. It is interesting to know that in Grad, in volcanic rocks Olivins noduls ( olivine is a mineral typical for the volcanic areas) which are remains of a volcano, still can be found.

We would also definitely recommend taking Oli train. By taking this trip you will visit the quarry and search olivins, which is a fantastic activity not only for kids but also for parents, believe me. You will also go on a sigtseeing tour among Goričko region hills admiring their beauty.

Vulkanija is definitely worth visiting for all ages since it is not only adventurous but also educational. As far as families are concerned, I would like to add something on a personal note: it is definitely a very child-friendly location. Not only because it teaches and entertains but because of its Staff who is very patient and has experience with working with kids. We were lucky to have Klement as our guide who spoke fluent German and English and who could perfectly interact with kids.

Thanks Klement and all the Staff of Vulkanija for the great time we had at your park!

More information about Vulkanija:

Website: https://www.vulkanija.si/?lang=GB
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Vulkanija/

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Vulkanija and Oli

Interactive videos in the geographical museum

Expositions of minerals in the geographical museum

Interactive tour with Klement and Oli in the”volcano”

Touching minerals

Olie’s train

Searching minerals