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Prof. dr hab. Jacek Wiśniewski

 Prof.dr.hab.Jacek Wiśniewski

Prof.dr.hab.Jacek Wiśniewski is a full professor of English, teaching English literature, British Civilization, History of Britain, Bachelor’s and Master’s seminars at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) in Warsaw since 2010. Before that time, he lectured at Warsaw University where he supervised 36 B.A. papers, 126 M.A. papers, and 6 Ph. D. dissertations. Currently, 7 Ph.D. students are writing their dissertations under his guidance.

Main areas of interest: British poetry from the Romantics to the present moment; English fiction and non-fiction writing in the period from High Modernism to the present; British and American attitudes to war and peace in the 20th century, as they are expressed in literature and culture (this produced three book publications and c. 50 scholarly essays which appeared between 1988 and 2009); most recently, since 2010: English Romantic poets, especially the poetry and prose writings of John Clare (this produced four essays devoted to Clare in the last two years, and some translations of his poetry); Professor Wiśniewski’s next project is a critical study of John Clare’s life and work.

Professor Wiśniewski is currently a member of IAUPE (International Association of University Professor of English, Switzerland), ESSE (European Society for the Study of English), and PASE (Polish Association for the Study of English). He is an experienced academic teacher, author of several programmes of study at the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. level, also involved in the practical business of running a university: in the past he was Head of Department of English Literature, Head of Institute of English Studies, and Dean of School of Modern Languages and Oriental Studies at Warsaw University, as well as a Vice-Rector at Vocational University College in Biała Podlaska. He received several prestigious scholarships: the American Council of Learned Societies scholarship (sabbatical year at Princeton University, New Jersey, USA), and the British Council Grant-in-Aid (one semester at Durham University, Northumberland, England).

Most important scholarly publications:

  • Mars and the Muse: Attitudes to War and Peace in 20th-century English Literature. Warsaw University Press, 1988.
  • The Great Crusade: American Literature of the First World War. Warsaw University Press, 1995.
  • Edward Thomas: A Mirror of England. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009.

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