Polish for the Dutch, business vocabulary

Polish for the Dutch, business vocabulary

(Original title: Zakelijk Pools voor Nederlanders, thematische woordenschat)

ISBN: 9789079532018

Not only Dutch business people will now have a chance to learn Polish.Business Polish for the Dutch is an indispensable source for all of those who have Polish friends, employees, employers or business partners.

This book can be used as a self-study book and at the same time for courses and private lessons. This book consists of the versatile vocabulary lists such as: jobs, days of the week, numbers, and more sophisticated such as: financial vocabulary, job interviews and job vacancies. There are also primary sources available : examples of job contracts and job ads.

The words are used in context and therefore it is easier to learn them and understand their use.

A few exercises with a key to practise the use of the new words are also a part of this book.

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