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Happy birthday Fresco Pasta Bar!

Fresco Pasta Bar in Heerlen celebrated its first birthday yesterday. In such a short time span Asnath and Alex, the owners of the restaurant, created a fantastic restaurant which is appreciated by a growing number of guests.

Dutch expression ”Op is Op” which can be translated into ”Finished is Finished” is a crucial sentence behind the concept. Everything cooked here is fresh so make sure you are on time to taste delicious dishes served by Fresco Pasta Bar.

A versatile menu, great choice of wine, unforgettable desserts, home-like atmosphere, perfect service and location make this restaurant unique and a must on a gastronomy map of Limburg.



On the right: Asnath and Alex

From the right: Leonie Kuepers, Sjaak Vinken from Streetwise and Aloys Bruggeman

From the Right: David Doelen from Heerlen Mijn Stad and Aloys Bruggeman