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Emir Kustorica’s wooden ethno village best architectural achievement in Europe and a film festival visited by Johnny Depp and many other stars

Famous director Emir Kusturica has built the beautiful ethno village “Drvengrad” also known as Kustendorf or Mećavnik for the production of his film “Life is a miracle”.

It is located in a very picturesque place, between two mountains Tara and Zlatibor on a Mećavnik hill in Mokra Gora nature park just two hundred kilometers southwest of Belgrade, capital city of Serbia.

Every year it hosts Kustendorf festival, an event visited by some of the world’s top film stars and where young filmmakers and students can meet famous actors and directors and where bands and musicians meet.

During the film festival also a special ceremony takes place: ‘’bad films burial’’ where bad films are buried like the first one in the history of this festival  ‘’Die hard 4.0’. Drvengrad was visited by many stars including: Johnny Depp and Gael Garcia Bernal but also directors Nikita Mikhalkov, Jim Jarmusch and Abbas Kiarostami.

In 2005 the Brussels based “Philippe Rotthier foundation for architecture” has named “Drvengrad” the best architectural achievement in Europe in past three years. Drvengrad received also a four-star city-hotel status.

Drvengrad is a rectangular ethno village with main street leading from the entrance gate on one end to a small wooden Christian-orthodox church on the other. The church is dedicated to St. Sava, the founder of Serbian autocephalous Christian orthodox church, and is built in tradition of Russian log cabin churches. In the center of the village  there is a square surrounded by authentic log cabins brought in from their original locations and placed on foundations made of stone.

The streets in the village bear the names of some famous people including Nikola Tesla, Ernesto ‘’Che’’ Guevara, Diego Maradona, Frederico Fellini, Ingman Bergan. The main street bears the name of a Nobel prize winner, writer Ivo Andrić.

Drvengrad has many various buildings such as an art gallery, a library, a cinema called “Underground” after one of Kusturica’s most famous movies, a cake shop with home made sweets, a restaurant with traditional Serbian cuisine.

When you visit Drvengrad you also have to take a train ride along the Šargan eight, a 12km part of the narrow-gauge heritage railway. Soon about this amazing ride in our article and a film impression.

Watch also our film impression here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bYgtZDwLbc&t=4s



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