Documentary about Tamara Łempicka

A documentary about one of the most unique painters Tamara Łempicka is in the making. Born in Poland she was a prominent Art Deco painter with her own, unique style: high-gloss sensual nudes and portraits of high society of the Jazz Age. Donna Karan, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Barbara Streisand, German designer Wolfgang Joop are collectors of Łempicka’s works. Madonna used the images of Lempicka’s paintings in her clips: Vogue, Open your Heart.

In November 2019 the Lempicka painting La Tunique rose (1927) was sold at Sotheby’s for $13.4 million. In February 2020, her painting Portrait de Marjorie Ferry (1932) set a record for a work by Lempicka and was sold for £16.3 million ($21.2 million) in London at Christie’s.

Łempicka’s granddaughter and great granddaughter Victoria and Marisa de Lempicka take part in the documentary.

As the trailer announces documentary Tamara ”traces her life and adventures from her rise to international stardom in 1920s Paris, to her move to the United States fleeing fascism in 1940, to her revival in the current art market. She was a Polish aristocrat, infamous for her romantic liaisons with her models and her decadent lifestyle. She disarmed the world’s elite with her vision, sex appeal, style, and charm, reinventing herself as a celebrity among celebrities in Hollywood of the 1940s, then again as a pillar of high society in New York, just as the art world power center shifted from Paris to the U.S. The film follows this remarkable emigrée as she reinvents herself multiple times and attempts to claim her rightful place in art history”.

Documentary is made by an award-winning film producer, writer, director, and actor, Julie Rubio.

See the trailer here: