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An unforgettable little house in the middle of the wild river

There is an unforgettable little house located in the middle of the wild Serbian Drina river, outside the town of Bajina Bašta in the surrounding of beautiful Tara National Park, which has been shortlisted by UNESCO to receive coveted protection status since 2002. The view is spectacular and the photo of this house has been published by many national and international  newspapers and magazines, included Daily Mail and National Geographic, which presented this house as the ‘’Photo of the Month’’.

The house dates back to 1968 when local men while swimming in the river wanted to rest on the rock. It was however not comfortable enough so they decided to build there a house.

Milija Mandic – Gljiva who was 17 built the house a year after. He brought all the necessary material by boat and kayaks.

However the Drina river is a very wild river and as Serbia. com says: ‘’there is a saying in Serbia that goes: Krivu Drinu niko ne može ispraviti or Ko će ispraviti krivu Drinu. You would use this saying, which roughly translated means “Nobody can set the crooked Drina straight”.

Therefore the wild water of Drina washed away so far 6 houses and every and each time the stronger house was built instead.

Watch also here our film impression about this unique house:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7urpGj1GxI
Source: Serbia.com

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Little house on the Drina River

Tara National Park