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A milestone for the Polish language: KU Leuven in Brussels a pioneer

Yesterday KU Leuven in Brussels opened officially a completely new Polish programme in Applied Language Studies. This unique event was attended by academia: professors and academic teachers, students as well as representatives of the Polish community, journalists and linguists.

The event was opened by Prof. dr. Remco Sleiderink (subfaculty dean at KU Leuven Campus Brussels) who stressed that ‘’ until now it was not possible to study Polish in the domain of Applied Language Studies, focusing on translation and communication’’.

Ms. Natalia Mosor (director of the Polish Institute, Brussels and co-organizer of the event) talked about Polish Institutes as tool for dialogue. There are 22 Polish Institutes around the world which initiate and stimulate Polish culture and language.

Her presentation was followed by the lecture of a well-known Polish professor Jan Miodek from Wroclaw University who talked about the Polish language and its position in the landscape of European languages. For several years he has held the post of the head (director) of the Institute of Polish Philology at the Wrocław University, he is a member of the Polish Language Council, Polish Academy of Sciences. Professor Jan Miodek has been an author of fantastic newspaper articles about the Polish language since 1968 and a host of the Television programme on Polish language since 1987.

Last but not least Prof. dr. Sylvia Liseling-Nilsson from KU Leuven Campus Brussels talked about the purpose of study Polish in Applied Language Studies.

Already 12 students with no Polish roots have signed for the programme and will be learning Polish as the second foreign language and from 2018 they will be able to follow the Master programme.

More information about the programme is available here:


See also: interview with Prof.dr. Remco Sleiderink and Prof. dr. Sylvia Liseling-Nilsson, soon.


Text: Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska ( writer of language books, journalist, sworn translator): Communications-Unlimited, photos: Communications-Unlimited


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