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10 funniest Polish phrases

Every language has its specific expressions which are pretty difficult to understand abroad. Polish is not an exception in this field. Just have a look at some examples:

1. A Polish person doesn’t just run away.

He/she “takes his/her legs under his/her belt” (brać nogi za pas) or “gives a leg” (dać nogę) 

2. A Polish person won’t pull your leg.

He/she will “stick you into a bottle” (nabić kogoś w butelkę)

3. A Pole never beats around the bush.

He/she prefers to “wrap the truth in cotton” (owijać prawdę w bawełnę)

4. A Polish person won’t tell you to get lost.

He/ she will tell you to “stuff yourself with straw” (wypchać się sianem)

5. A Polish person does not run like hell.

He/she will  “run where the pepper grows” (uciekać gdzie pieprz rośnie)

6. A Polish person does not snack.

He/she “takes something on a tooth” (wziąć coś na ząb)

7. Polish people are not cheap or stingy

They ”have a snake in their pocket” (mają węża w kieszeni)

8. A Polish person does not thank in advance.

He/she ” thanks from the mountain” (dziękuje z góry)

9. A Polish person will not speak bluntly.

He/she will “tell it straight from the bridge” (mówić prosto z mostu)

10. A Polish person is not tone deaf.

”An elephant stomped on his/her ear” (słoń nadepnął mu na ucho)

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