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Vote for Emil Szarkowicz now!

Emil Szarkowicz from Heerlen represents Limburg in the category’’ Culture’’  for the election of the Polish Person  of the Year 2018. Emil also has a chance to win the public award for which you can vote here: http://polakroku.nl/en/stemmen/

During the gala on November 23 in the Aalsmeer studios it will be announced who the winner will be.

See here the announcement of the interview with Emil that will soon be shown on Polish public television:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=san3wz3y6Ek

More information can be found here: http://www.nl.communications-unlimited.nl/emil-szarkowicz-represent-limburg-in-de-categorie-cultuur/


Multi musical talent Emil Szarkowicz (1976, Tarnów, Poland) from Heerlen (Limburg) is candidate for the election of the Pool of the Year 2018 in the category ‘’Culture’’, together with five other talented candidates. During the gala in Aalsmeer studios on 23 November, it will be announced who the winner is.

Emil plays the violin, clarinet, saxophone and percussion. Is singer, conductor, producer, composer and also TV and radio producer.  He is officially mentioned in a Dutch music encyclopedia and is ” an enrichment of Dutch culture ” according to Dutch producer and director Math Nilwik.

Aart Zeeman, Dutch journalist and TV presenter about Emil: ” Emil is someone who, with his unique (musical) talents, fraternizes people and helps them to become (even) better than they already are. And that too from his unmistakable Polish identity. In short, for me a hero who is more than worthy of an award. ”

Emil studied violin at the conservatory of Maastricht and participated in masterclasses with, amongst others, internationally renowned pedagogue and violinist André Gertler. He has played for years in the well-known Dutch band 3JS and Rowwen Hèze. He was the face of the official single “Samen bij” of the 3JS.

Emil works as a guest artist or studio musician with other renowned artists, including Jan Smit, Nick & Simon, Ellen ten Damme, Metropole Orchestra, DJ Edwin Evers, Glennis Grace, Waylon, Tren by Enckevort, Jack Poels, Racoon, Stef Bos, Frans Pollux, Mark Pütz , Lex Nelissen, Paul van Loo, Ivo Rosbeek.

He can be seen on various stages: national (The Netherlands) and internationally (including Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Dubai, Curaçao, Lebanon). For 20 years he has been touring on the theater and pop stages with various artists and music projects throughout the country, including Royal Carré Theater, DutchValley and Concert at Sea.

Emil had and has several hit quotes in the Dutch and Limburg music lists. He writes songs and makes arrangements for his own music programs and for well-known artists. He makes music for commercials, programs for Radio and TV at home and abroad. He also had a role as an actor in a commercial for the Energy Company Nuon.

Emil is presenter, editor and programma maker at the regional Limburg broadcaster L1 and makes two radio programs “Emil and the Music” and “L1 Classic Evening” . Emil made with Math Nilwik on for Limburg TV following programmes:


  • The Tent of Emil, a program for young talent.
  • Hotel Szarkowicz, well-known Dutch artists perform with unknown young musical talent.
  • WMC Journaal, about the World Music Competition.
  • The WMC of Emil, a preview of Emil’s visit to orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad that are in preparation for the WMC.
  • Emil and the Wind music, he entersthe world of HAFA, Wind music orchestras, in search of the secret of the unbridled commitment of passionate musicians.


Emil Szarkowicz has been on stage together with Frans Pollux for over ten years. The sensitive strings of Emil’s violin sound on almost all Frans’ songs. They tackle such subjects as  music, their lives, from Poland to the Venlo Parade, in a theater show full of humor, melancholy and beautiful songs.

As ” Holland and Polland ” he worked together with Ivo Rosbeek in various music and theater programs. They wrote songs, arranged, produced them  For the “Waalse Medammecour”, a well-known regional carnival revue for theater and TV, they took care of the entire musical production.

Emil was active for many years as a conductor of the Youth Harmony Sint Gerardus from Heksenberg-Heerlen, with which he became twice Limburg champion of the Limburg Association of Youth Concerts.

With his participation together with Herriemenie Miserabel, for many years he was conductor of, he wrote with Bart Storcken for the LVK, a big Song Concours for Carnival, several songs and was awarded the 2nd and 3rd place




Face of the 3JS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOly1n3TQ2w

Emil in a Dutch music encyclopedia: http://www.muziekencyclopedie.nl/action/entry/Emil+Szarkowicz

Performances with Frans Pollux :.



Performances with 3JS and Ellen ten Damme:

Saxophone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4qDPNXp7Y0&app=desktop


Violin: https://www.facebook.com/100002369002337/posts/1858450324243916/


Clarinet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o_KTIBF104


Ellen ten Damme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T4VGwEKe3o


Performances with Ivo Rosbeek:



Presenter, editor and radio program maker:





Presenter, editor and TV program maker:

The Emil Tent:




The World Music Competition:



Hotel Szarkowicz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWEprceGiLk


Emil and the Wind Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uamEPeNiR1w


Songs Concours for Carnival




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