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”Remain committed to our wonderful Heerlen.”New children council of Heerlen 2019-2020

On September 14 the new children council of Heerlen was installed by alderman Jordy Clemens who in an open-hearted manner welcomed the kids in the City Hall.

Alderman Jordy Clemens

The children: Inaya, Sabrina, Fabio and Jasper each represent the district where they live: Heerlen Center, Hoensbroek, Heerleheide and Heerleban. The children’s college consists of children from group 8 and their term of office is always a school year.

They are appointed aldermen and every three months they will take over the responsibilities of the mayor.  The new child mayor of Heerlen is now Jasper. See more here:

Children coucil 2019-2020

Heerlen’s children’s board together with its ‘adult’ equivalent, ie the mayor of the city of Heerlen and the city council of Heerlen, will take active part in organized events, in meetings of the city sessions, discussing issues concerning children and issues concerning the functioning of the city.

During the meeting also the children council of 2018-2019 were present. They provided the new council with various tips and Victoria Bruggeman delivered a speech: ”We: Bart, Britt, Daphne Jenna, Pien and I Victoria are grateful that we were allowed to form children council of 2018-2019. We were allowed to do so much for Heerlen and inhabitants of Heerlen and learn so much. We attended various events, presentations, charities, interviews, council meetings, various cleaning actions … too many to mention. We have also learned something important for life: from dreams and ideals to actions is actually a small step if you really commit yourself to it. We wish you a lot of success and remain committed to our wonderful Heerlen.” Watch it here:

Children council 2018-2019

Also the council of 2018-2019 prepared this vlog:

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