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Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia

Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia is celebrated annually on 18 November. It marks the anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of Latvia by the People’s Council of Latvia (Tautas padomein) in 1918.Tautas padome  was a temporary council which declared Latvia’s independence on November 18, 1918 and then acted as a temporary parliament until a Constitutional Assembly (Satversmes sapulce) was elected.

Various public events take place all over the country, including concerts and fireworks. Torchlight processions held by various organizations have been part of Proclamation Day celebrations and Lāčplēša Day (a memorial day for soldiers who fought for the independence of Latvia) celebrations since the 1920s.

Another tradition with a long history is the Latvian National Armed Forces parade.


Source and photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Torchlight procession in Riga.