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Numen / For Use – Tape: the joint Austrian-Croatian design

With ‘Push and Pull’, SCHUNCK* is launching a new series of exhibitions which places the spotlight on the interaction between contemporary art and its audience.

#08 Exhibition

Numen / For Use – Tape
21 September 2015 to 3 January 2016

Opening: 21 September at 5.00pm.

‘Tape’ blurs boundaries and conventions. Fanciful, self-supporting cocoons form a labyrinth of passages and tunnels in which you can climb, crawl or sit.
By stretching a thick film of packaging tape and wrapping it around columns, banisters or whatever else comes to hand, Numen / For Use has creates a complex, amorphous structure. An in situ installation which is seamlessly adapted to the architecture of the Glaspaleis.

The joint Austrian-Croatian design collective, Numen / For Use, was set up in 1998 and came to international eminence in 2010 with the walk-in installation ‘Tape’, which has already been performed in cities such as Paris, Tokyo and Melbourne. Numen / For Use operates along the boundaries of autonomous and applied design, challenging the way we interact with objects.

SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis
Bongerd 18
6411 JM Heerlen

Free admission daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Exhibition area (+1)

+31 (0)45-577 22 00


Source and photo: Schunck

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