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New Festival in Limburg: Infinity Friday

New Festival in Limburg: Infinity Friday

Infinity Friday is a new music festival in Limburg which will be organised on the 29th of May at Cauberg, Valkenburg a/d Geul.

Event will be organised by four students of Facility Management Department of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences : Ramon Schellinx, Maud Smeets, Daphne Waasdorp en Lisa Veldhoven. Infinity is targeted on students aged 18-30. The festival will be followed by the Pop on Top festival on the 30th of March.

During the Infinity Festival the following Dj’s  will perform:

JINK (from 3.30 pm till 4.30 pm)

DSQUARED (from 4.30 pm till 6.00 pm)

DJ CHALLENGE (from 6.00 pm till 7.00 pm)

2DIRTY (from 7.00 pm till 8.20 pm)

PURESANG (from 8.20 pm till 9.30 pm)

LUCAS & STEVE (from 9.30 pm till 11.00 pm)

JINK (from11.00 pm till 11.30 pm)


Early bird tickets cost €10,- and pre- sale tickets: €15,-
More information about the festival and tickets can be found here:

Facebook page: Facebook event:
Sources: Infinity, Department of Hotel and Facility Management Department, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Communications-Unlimited.

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