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Live interview for Polish Public TV about homelessness

On February 25, Halo Polonia, a LIVE TV programme of the  Polish Public TV, TVP Polonia devoted attention to the subject: homelessness of Polish citizens abroad and dealing with this problem.

The program was hosted by Grzegorz Nawrocki and the invited guests: Jerzy Kiziuk from Austria and  Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska from the Netherlands participated in the LIVE discussion in the studio. They talked about homelessness of Polish citizens in their countries, reasons for it and dealing with the problem.

The link to the show can be found here: http://halopolonia.tvp.pl/23902965/25022016-2235

The show starts at 00:28:50


We would like to thank Polish Embassy in the Hague and Ms Magdalena Chroscianek from Barka organisation for their help in the research.

Halo Polonia February 25 1  Halo Polonia February 25 9

Halo Polonia February 25 6Halo Polonia February 25 2 Halo Polonia February 25 4  Halo Polonia February 25 5


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