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Good news for Poland: furniture and greenfield project investments

Furniture and greenfield project investments


According to an estimate published by market sector analysts B+R Studio 2015 can be a record year for Poland as far as the export of furniture is concerned. It is expected to reach EUR 8.7 billion.  

The main countries which import Polish furniture are: Germany (EUR 3.1 billion in 2014), UK (EUR 620 million) and France (EUR 520 million.)

According to the Financial Times Group’s fDi Magazine Poland came fifth in Europe in 2014 as far as greenfield projects and related capital investments are concerned.

Last year, Poland received investments reaching around USD 6 billion for 177 greenfield projects. In Europe, the UK was the winner with USD 35 billion and 909 greenfield projects. Globally, the highest amount of capital was invested in China reaching around USD 75 billion and the highest number of greenfield developments in 2014 was present in the USA: 1577 projects.


Source and Photo:B+R Studio, Radio Poland

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