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Expatica Communications and Central and Eastern Europe Center Communications-Unlimited.nl start cooperation





Press release

Amsterdam and Heerlen

7 December 2016


Expatica Communications and Central and Eastern Europe Center Communications-Unlimited.nl start cooperation.

Expatica and Communications-Unlimited.nl started cooperation in November 2016. They will share articles, interviews, film footage and other journalistic forms to meet the demands of their international audience.

Expatica Communications B.V. is an international media company founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2000.

Expatica provides daily news, features and practical information in English on all aspects related to living abroad. Their goal is to provide high quality content and services to international communities across Europe and beyond, with focus on Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Expatica.com provides essential information to help internationals settle into their new country of residence, such as tips on how to find a job or housing, information on the local health and education systems, details on visas and permits or how to deal with finances and pension plans in your adopted country.

Communications-Unlimited was established by in 2004 by a Dutch-Polish journalist and author Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska.

Communications-Unlimited is the only of this sort Central and Eastern Europe Center in the Netherlands. The company comprises also the following departments:

  • Publishing House
  • International Journalism and PR Centre
  • Language and (Sworn) Translation Centre
  • Business and Tourism
  • My Limburg

Communications-Unlimited promotes the region of Central and Eastern Europe and the Dutch region of Limburg by publishing articles, interviews among others with Ambassadors, politicians, artists, preparing informative films, clips and taking media patronage over various events. Communications-Unlimited.nl cooperates with many governemental and commercial organisations such as Embassies, Universities, media, etc.

Communications-Unlimited is supported by an advisory board which consists of respected and well-known international representatives of the political, business and culture world.


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