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Dita e Veres

Summer Day (Albanian: Dita e Veres) is an annual public holiday in Albania and is always held on 14 March. It is intended to celebrate the end of Winter, the rebirth of nature, and a rejuvenation of spirit among the Albanians. In 2004, Summer Day became an official holiday in Albania.

Summer Day is the country’s largest pagan festival. It is originated in the region around Elbasan, in central Albania. On the outskirts of the city, a shrine was built to Zana, the goddess of hunting, forests and nature. It was believed that Zana would leave the shrine after her winter hibernation on 14 March.

On this day and even since March 1, many youngsters and unmarried people usually wear a traditional bracelet called Verore (a word derived from summer) made of two thin braided strings usually red and white.


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Photo: Celebrating Dita e Veres in Hotel Mediteran Ulcinj-Ulqin, Montenegro.