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CityLiv 2016 short impression

I really liked the theme of this year CityLiv event in Heerlen: Ontheemd/Being displaced. Probably not without a reason. Born in Warsaw, Poland, with some Armenian blood and roots in Lviv, which is now part of Ukraine. First living in Amsterdam and now in the most beautiful part of the Netherlands; Limburg.
Raised dually in a communist Poland where I got propaganda lessons at school and where the real teaching was at home by my parents who taught me how the real world is really like. How brave they were! Like my many international friends I feel this subject really intense. Therefore I loved visiting the exposition CityLiv 2016 with the curator Judy Straten. Her international experience, background and looking across the borders impressed me. Thank you Judy for your time.We will soon publish an interview with Judy and a longer film impression of CityLiv but now check out this short impression.

By Beata Bruggeman-Sekowska