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Bory Castle – “The Stones Speak”

A well-hidden gem in Hungary which is not even located in Budapest

Who would have thought? Me certainly not, that such a magnificent, unique and magical building is standing in the suburb of Szekesfehervar, 60 kilometres (37 miles) away from the capital, Budapest, Hungary. An artist, architect, sculptor and professor, Jenő Bory (1879–1959), decided to bring his imagination into reality; he had been building his own home for 40 long years on his own.

He bought the land in 1912 but started building the castle after the First World War from the fees he received for his sculptural works. He preferred working alone relying on his two hands and accepted help only when it was unavoidable. Although he was a qualified architect he followed his imagination instead of factual plans.

Arriving to the scene, we are immediately welcomed by a breathtaking view of a fairytale-like castle with a neatly maintained garden where beautiful roses grow.

The first impression is a mixture of sacramental and architectural elements, which provides the visitor with a warm feeling. And yes, this castle was built as an honour of his eternal love for his wife.

One can find either medieval or eclectic characters. It is noticeable that the material in the whole castle is concrete. At the beginning of the twentieth century concrete appeared in architecture as a new material and in Hungary Mr. Bory was one of the first ones who used it. The door and window frames, domes, staircases and balustrades, columns, also the fountains, pools, statues and relics were made from this material. Walking through the castle the visitor can see lots of arts created by his wife, contemporary artist Ilona Komócsin (1885 – 1974) and his own works as well. An exhibition of sculptures and pictures can be seen in the studio gallery.

While in the backyard, in the Court of Hundred Columns, one can find plaster statues of which the marble or bronze originals can be found across the country.

Bory-castle is now in possession of Mr. Bory’s descendants who are running and looking after it with the help of the foundation they have established.


By Orsolya Markozy

Photos: Orsolya Markozy
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