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‘’Best practices could be exchanged’’

Mark Meijer( 34), chairman and organizer of the unique event: ‘’Parkstad Culinair’’ organized in Heerlen and welcoming 10.000 guests each year. He is an entrepreneur, owns a company in the field of cocktails and events: Taste and Style. Additionally, he is a volunteer and currently also the chairman of Round Table district Limburg (2019-2021).

We are talking with Mark about Parkstad Culinair and his impression of ‘’Georgia meets Heerlen’’ event organized on June 3 in Heerlen.  ‘’Georgia meets Heerlen’’ was the first ever in the history of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Georgia official visit of the Georgian Embassy in the Hague to Limburg. 

Parkstad Culinair: your ultimate experience

‘’Parkstad Culinair’’ is established in 2013. It is a culinary event in the city of Heerlen, on the Pancratius square. It always takes place on the second weekend of September (5-6-7-8 September 2019). It is a  unique event with a mix of culinary (restaurants), wine, cocktails, music, culture and networking.

From right: Mark Meijer (chairman and organizer of Parkstad Culinair), mayor of Heerlen Emile Roemer, pastor Hans Bouwman, Marc van der Sluis ( production manager)

In a unique setting, various restaurants from Parkstad and the surrounding area showcase their culinary masterpieces in an accessible way and in a special atmosphere.

10.000 guests per year of the ultimate experience

Food, Drinks and Experience, that is Parkstad Culinair! Enjoy culinary delights, a delicious glass of wine, fresh cocktails, workshops, varied musical program.  Parkstad Culinair is accessible to everyone! From young to old and from individual to groups. We are proud to welcome over 10.000 guests every year. Parkstad culinair is your ultimate experience.

Parkstad Culinair
Parkstad Culinair

Surprises for 2019

Suprises for 2019: two more restaurants than last year will participate in Parkstad Cuinair 2019 and also for the second time a restaurant from the city Maaseik (Belgium): Bienvenue. This restaurant has a bib Gourmand. We will also try to organize a workshop “Hip and Healthy food” for kids. Because we think it’s important for  children to come (more) into contact with healthy food

Georgia meets Heerlen: best practices could be exchanged

Georgia meets Heerlen event organized on June 3 in Heerlen was a successful event! I got a better impression of Georgia and the possibilities & opportunities that Georgia offers. I was also enthusiastic about the 6,000,000th visitor video. Compliments.

From right: Bart Janssen and Mark Meijer

During the event I learnt about the similarities between the Parkstad (Heerlen) region and Georgia. Both are growing in terms of tourism. Best practices could be exchanged. And that Georgia has a lot to offer, I am much more positive about it now. This is partly because I have not focused on this country before.

Emile Roemer, mayor of Heerlen
Aloys Bruggeman, initiator of the event, entrepreneur, owner of Heerwegen
Alderman of Heerlen, Martin de Beer and child mayor of Heerlen

Such events help entrepreneurs, companies

These kinds of events allow you to get to know a country in an easily accessible way. This can help individuals, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to visit the country or to invest in the country.

From left: mayor of Heerlen, Emile Roemer, H.E.George Sharvashidze, ambassador of Georgia, Mr Jan Mans, politician

Thinking outside the box as Georgia does

In addition, we can learn from the way of thinking (out of the box) that Georgia used in this case. Exchange knowledge and expertise. Perhaps there will be opportunities in the future to incorporate elements of Georgia into an event in the Netherlands. Or even organize a similar event in Georgia (or at least brainstorming about this).

See you at the Parkstad Culinair, more information here:

www.parkstadculinair.nl, https://www.facebook.com/parkstadculinair/ , https://www.communications-unlimited.nl/georgia-meets-heerlen/

Photos: Parkstad Culinair and Mark Meijer, with permission of Mark Maijer for communications-unlimited.nl


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