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A message to busy ladies

A message to busy ladies

You know that feeling when your alarm clock goes off at 6.00 in the morning or earlier, your kids cry, you have to help them to get dressed or negotiate with them what they have to put on, since the sandals in the snow are not the best option, then breakfast, oops, porridge on my latest suit, who cares, do not forget to clean the teeth, get in the car , yes we are too late at school and then finally your work and the meeting you are too late to…You enter the room -when everybody is already there-  with the porridge stain on your suit repeating in your head as a prayer: they will not see it, they will not see it. And then another appointment and another, problems to solve, get in the car, collect kids, bring them to sport activities, cook, or vice-versa, bath or shower, read me Mummy moment and yes, now it is Mummy time…Oh no, the kids are crying, fighting, I have just discovered my mobile phone in the bag and : several missed calls and a few messages, when DOES IT STOP?

When you choose it yourself…

We mothers are busy ladies and we generally sacrifice pampering…Why? If we do not plan for example a visit to the spa nobody will do that for us. And it helps, believe me. I went and go to various spas when I am on a holiday and I went yesterday to St Gerlach Spa in Houthem, just outside Maastricht. And that was a ‘Wow’ experience. Beautifully situated at the St Gerlach mansion which consists of among others a famous St Gerlach hotel and restaurants. When you enter the spa there you experience immediately this relaxing, soothing, I am in a different dimension, moment. The ladies who work there are extremely professional, and they REALLY care that you finally get this ‘me moment’ that you will enjoy it and relax. I have never before had so good treatment, performed so professionally.

So when the alarm clock goes off tomorrow at 6.00 think about the Spa at St Gerlach and maybe I will see you there, busy ladies?

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