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30th Anniversary: Polish Round Table talks

The Polish Round Table Talks took place in Warsaw, Poland from February 6 to April 5 1989. The government initiated the discussion with the banned trade union Solidarność in order to weaken social unrest.

An agreement (“Round Table Agreement”) was signed on April 4, 1989. The most important demands were:

  • The introduction of the office of President and at the same time annulling the power of the Communist party
  • Legalization of independent trade unions
  • The establishment of a Senate

The trade Union Solidarność became a legitimate and legal political party.

The Round Table talks were of enormous importance to the future political situation in Poland. They paved the way to a free and democratic Poland as well as the final abolition of communism in Poland.

Check this site for more information: http://1989.enrs.eu/

Sources and photo: http://1989.enrs.eu/

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