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Tarcisius children from Heerlen support Serious Request


On the 16th of December the primary school St. Tarcisius from Heerlen revealed how much money they collected for Serious Request 2015 during the running event organized by school and Serious Request on the 6th of November in Heerlen. The event yesterday was attended by  proud children, teachers, enthusiastically welcomed Mr Barry Braecken, an alderman of Heerlen Municipality whose portfolio includes: culture, education and housing, director of school Ms Maud Deckers, organisers of the Serious Request and parents.

The children collected 12,878,22 euro and the cheque will be officially handed in on Friday, 18th of December in the Glass House ( Glazenhuis) in Heerlen.

Tarcisius children, groups 1- 4 ran for 30 minutes and older children for 45 minutes to support Serious Request 2015.

Mr Barry Braecken told us that he was impressed by the atmosphere during the event, determination and enthusiasm of children. ‘’I am proud of them!’’, he added.

FM Serious Request 2015, already the 12th edition, is an annual charitable event organized by the radio station 3FM. This year the event will be held in Heerlen on the main square: Pancratiusplein, next to the famous Glaspaleis between December 18 and 24.

3FM Serious Request collects money for children and young adults in the war torn areas of greatest conflicts. Together with the Red Cross SFM Serious Request mentions the following regions: Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Central African Republic, Gaza and the West Bank.

Nearly 50 million children and adolescents in conflict areas are deprived of school education or vocational training, according to Red Cross’ estimates.

Last year, the program collected almost 12,4 million euros in donations.


You can find more information about this event and all the associated events in Limburg here ( in Dutch) :


Director Ms Maud Deckers with the cheque


Tarcisius children who made it all possible

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Adelman Mr Barry Braecken with Ms Maud Deckers



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