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Poulomi from India in WonderLimburg

Announcement of the interview with Poulomi Basu from India living in Maastricht, brand and marketing consultant.We have started in 2019 with the 3rd series of our interviews with international women living in the Netherlands, especially in Limburg, entitled ”in…Wonder(Netherlands/Limburg).In the period of last two years we have published two series of interviews with 18 international and inspirational women. We are so proud that these inspirational women wanted to share with us their stories about starting a new life from a scratch abroad, challenges they have to face, their new life, their favourite places in the new country and precious tips.We are so proud that we at the same time were given a chance to promote talents of these amazing women and their careers. They are also at the same time the biggest promotors of their new country: the Netherlands and their new region Limburg, where they now live and have their families. We are so proud that we in this way could promote the Netherlands and Limburg!