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Population growth in the Parkstad region thanks to the Central and Eastern European immigrants

Parkstad still experiences the decline in the number of inhabitants, but the decline is slower. The decline in the number of inhabitants in Parkstad has decreased for the second consecutive year. The decline in the past three years was respectively : 1325, 1520 and 827 people, in 2016 the population decreased by 576, according to L1.(Dutch Poblic local media)


More residents in 2025 than expected


The chief demographer at CBS Dutch Statistics Office Jan Latten says ” the population decline is shrinking”. He adds that “The latest projections show that South Limburg shrinks  to 2025 but in a limited way and in 2025 there will be 50,000 residents more than predicted in 2005”. ”This significantly slower decline will also apply to Parkstad.”


Central and Eastern European immigrants, refugees and jobs

The reasons for this situation are related to the immigration from the Central European countries such as for example Poland and Eastern European countries. In Parkstad  around 1500-2000 first generation Polish immigrants live. Additionally the influx of asylum seekers, decline in emigration after the collapse of the housing market contribute to this positive development.
The region of Limburg benefits according to Jan Latten in addition to economic growth. ”There will be more jobs. For young people it is easier to find a job in a graying area as Parkstad. As a result, the region for them is more interesting.”


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