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Parliamentary elections in Poland

On 15 October parliamentary elections took place in Poland. The official results are: Law and Justice: PiS 35.4 percent, followed by the centrist Civic Coalition reaching 30.7 percent, the center-right Third Way at 14.4 percent, the Left reaching 8.6 percent and the far-right Confederation with 7.2 percent. The turnout was a record and amounted 74, 4%.

It means in terms of seats the following: Law and Justice gets 194 seats in parliament, Civic Coalition 157, Third Way 65, the Left 26 and Confederation 18.

The opposition also won in the upper chamber: Senate. They have secured 66 seats and Law and Justice 34.

PiS, which won the elections but does not have a parliamentary majority, will be tasked by President Duda with forming a new government. Under the constitution, Duda has 30 days to convene the first meeting of the new parliament.

Although PiS ended as the largest party it has no possibility to form a winning coalition in the lower house of parliament; Sejm consisting of 460 members. Civic Coalition, with their leader, former Prime Minster and European Council President Donald Tusk, the Third Way and the Left agreed to form a coalition government. They have together 248 seats.

Law and Justice (PiS) party has ruled the country since 2015.

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