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Monument for the last journey preview

On Tuesday the 20th September in the film house De Domijnen  the preview of the reportage Monument for the last journey ( original title: Monument voor de laatste reis ) made by regional public television L1 took place.

This month at the train station in the Polish city Cosel a memorial for deported Jews has been unveiled. The monument is an initiative of historian Herman van Rens, his wife Annelies from Beek and their Memorial Jewish Transports to Cosel Foundation (‘Stichting Gedenkteken Jodentransporten Cosel’).

Historian Herman van Rens and his wife Annelies have discovered that between August 26 and December 10 1942 , trains with Jews on their way to Auschwitz arrived at the station of Cosel in Poland. Men and boys were taken off the train at the station and taken to labor camps. The women went straight to the gas chambers.

Documentary filmmaker Frank Ruber reconstructed the largest deportation of Jews from Limburg, along with the cameraman Pascal Cour Bois. They film the travel of Leon Kaufmann to Cosel and Auschwitz who together with Mr and Ms van Rens  follows the route his father Sally Kaufmann and his first wife covered in August 1942.

The reportage will be broadcast by L1 TV on September 24th at 6.00 pm and also on September 25th at 11.00, 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm.



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