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Just imagine…Would the world not be much better?


Interview with Peter Van Geelkerken, lawyer and DJ with a fantastic hybrid life

 Peter Van Geelkerken is a well-known lawyer from the Netherlands. He lives in Heerlen, Limburg, southern part of the Netherlands and at the same time he has issued this year as a DJ: Dr. Mabuze his first EP entitled Kinky Lawyer which became an instant hit. Dr. Mabuze became an internationally recognized DJ.



Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska: Have you always been a musician in your heart?

Yes, indeed. In 1983 I performed at a Pinkpop[1] festival with the Rick Nolov Band. I went on a tour with this group in the Netherlands and Germany afterwards.


 So, the music was always part of you. Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

I was always a pain in the neck. I always questioned the decisions of my bosses and asked: Why should I do this or that? Why the safety regulations were not taken into consideration? Etc., etc. And then I confronted myself: Can I do something about it? I realized that with my skills I can study law and this is what I did. I studied law at the Open University and at the Maastricht University.


Are you more a lawyer or a musician or a unique hybrid and why?

I am both, a lawyer and a musician for 100%. So, I live and work for 200%. In other words I have a fantastic hybrid life. I find inspiring to work with people and to achieve positive targets. As a lawyer I try to bring people together so that they will manage to communicate and co-function.This way I create a real win-win situation for both parties. If this cannot be achieved people will fight against each other and the judge will have to decide about their life. As a DJ it is more or less the same. You work together with producers and create and perform music. In this case the audience is the judge. People decide what they like. If I create music which I like and which will not be approved by the audience then I will have a serious prolem. This can be solved in two ways. Either I adjust or stop because the audience is not ready for my music.


Your stage name is Dr Mabuze/ DR MBZ and your first EP is called Kinky Lawyer? Why this title?

Kinky Lawyer is a connection between my work as a lawyer and being a DJ. On my EP you can find the piece called: Rule of Success. In this piece you can notice a thumping driven rhythm. As an entrepreneur/lawyer/DJ you have to be driven in order to achieve your goals. Therefore I live and work for 200%. This is my Rule of Success. I do not have to explain that a chance of winning a lottery or receiving a heritage is very low therefore do not wait for things that you think should happen but start working hard.


Tell us more about your music style and why this specific style?

I am a techno DJ/producer. I put a lot of energy in my tracks. I see that my audience feels the energy and they enjoy it and dance to it with their own energy. This is the biggest reward which I can get. Sending my energy and getting it back.


 You are both very successful as a lawyer and a DJ? What is the key to success? Following your passion?

Working hard and being focused on what you intend to achieve over a couple of years. Maybe I will not be able to achieve everything but I have tried at least. I think personally that many people are very passive and think that everything will be arranged for them. And then, when it is too late they ask themselves a question: why have I received nothing? My answer to this would be simple: just look at yourself and be critical.


What is your message?

Maybe you cannot achieve everything in your life but you should try and go for it. If everybody tried it the life would be much better and more interesting for everybody. Besides I really wish everybody the best from the bottom of my heart but know at the same time that not many people wish me the same back. To be honest I do not care what they wish or do not wish me but I do care about what that kind of mentality can lead to. This kind of mentality creates a complicated world where many problems which easily could be solved cannot be solved at all. Maybe it is very simple what I say but imagine that there is no Israeli–Palestinian conflict because people wish themselves the best, create this light of hope in the eyes and stay open for solutions. Imagine that Christians and Muslims can be peaceful neighbours and dance together to my music…Just imagine…Would the world not be much better?


Where have you already performed internationally?

Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, including Ibiza, United Kingdom, Hungary, Mauritius, Mexico and Argentina, so various countries, various continents, the same fantastic people who can communicate with one another through my music. No conflicts here.


Where can we find you next?

As a DJ on: Facebook, Mixcloud, Beatport, Juno, Amazon, Tracksource.

As a lawyer: http://www.vangeelkerken.nl/



[1] Pinkpop is a well-known, international music festival held annually in Landgraaf, Limburg which is  the southern region of the Netherlands


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