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Heerlen: children aldermen and mayor open the city council

The children mayor and children aldermen of Heerlen opened the city council meeting yesterday. They presented their points of attention and ideas collected in their schools for the coming period.

Ideas covered various fields of life including school isuues and broader society issues. Among them were: introducing more actions against bullying, safety on roads, integration of disabled and older people into the community and organizing events accessible for them, refurbishing school fields, free museum visits for schools, organizing ”company events” during which students can learn about local companies and the scope of their work or an open cinema on the Pancratius market in Heerlen.

Kids did a great job and their involvement for the society is impressive. And it was impressive to see how they managed to present their ideas in front of the whole city council, all aldermen and the Mayor, adults, new faces, and they did it fantastic!


The children aldermen and mayor were installed in June 2018 by the alderman Mr Jordy Clemens at the Municipality of Heerlen.

Heerlen’s new children’s board consists of four girls: Victoria Bruggeman, Jenny Albers, Britt Lendi and Pien Vanhommerig. They are appointed aldermen and every three months they will take over the responsibilities of the mayor. Daphne Goddschmitz and Milan Weijers were appointed members of the children’s council.

Jordy Clemens said during installation: ‘Today I installed new children’s authorities and the new mayor of Heerlen. In any case, great but – as far as I know – also the first fully feminine municipality in all of Limburg! ‘

Heerlen’s children’s board together with its ‘adult’ equivalent, ie the mayor of the city of Heerlen and the management of Heerlen, will take active part in organized events, in meetings of the city sessions, discussing issues concerning children and issues concerning the functioning of the city. They are supported by the youth organization Alcander.


Photo: Municipality of Heelen

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