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Happy 700th birthday, Vilnius!

Enchanting capital of Lithuania Vilnius is celebrating this year its 700th birthday! The first events accompanying this huge festivity will be launched on January 25th.

Did you know that by the 15th century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, with its capital Vilnius, had become the largest country in Europe, stretching from the Baltic Sea in the North to the Black Sea in the South? Vilnius has preserved an impressive complex of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classical buildings. Its Old Town has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994.

Find more info about the celebrations and the schedule of events here: 700vilnius.lt


1. Vilnius’ Birthday Light Festival. On 25 January, Vilnius will celebrate its 700th anniversary with an impressive event at Cathedral Square. The Vilnius Light Festival will illuminate the capital with thousands of birthday candles from 25-28 January!

2. As Young As Vilnius Music Festival. On 25 July, the feast day of St. Christopher, the patron saint of Vilnius, the capital will transform into an international music arena.


The seven cultural and historical projects developed by Lithuanian cultural organisations selected in a competition are an essential part of the three-year anniversary programme.

1. Lithuanian National Museum. Historical project: Pavilion: Vilnius 200 Years Ago

2. Loftas Art Factory. Cinematographic project: Once in Vilnius

3. Art Gene Cultural Innovation Agency. Concert cycle: Music for Vilnius

4. MO Museum. Exhibition of artistic installation: Vilnius Poker

5. Ulvyds and Artbox. Cinematographic project: Vilnius Poker

6. Meno Niša Art Gallery. Vilnius Performance Art Biennale

7. Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Opera. Connect: Vilnius, a City of Opera


We will also be inviting schoolchildren from all over Lithuania to come to Vilnius and get involved in interactive activities, learn about the capital’s history and discover the main elements that shaped its modern face.


Vilnius’ 700-year anniversary programme was developed following the principle of co-creation. Over 100 different organisations from Lithuania and abroad are contributing to the 700th anniversary programme. They will all be published on the website www.700vilnius.lt


The anniversary of Vilnius is a celebration for us all, which means everyone is invited to be part of it. Business, cultural, educational and art organisations, as well as both governmental and non-governmental institutions, are invited to celebrate and create together.

2023 is a year to visit Vilnius and Lithuania . It is a must destination.

Image: Embassy of Lithuania in the Hague

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